Warsaw Fury - Michael Reit



Warsaw, 1939
We mustn’t let darkness win.

Natan Borkowski has it all. In line to take over the successful family business, his future is set.

Julia Horowitz lives in poverty. The daughter of a shoemaker, she dreams of a different life—a different world.

Everything changes when Hitler’s armies invade Poland. Natan’s future is ripped away by the flick of a switch of a Luftwaffe pilot. When the smoke clears, Julia and her family find themselves locked within the walls of the newly-formed Jewish ghetto.

On opposite sides of the wall, Natan and Julia’s lives are not so different anymore. As the Nazis unleash a reign of hunger, terror, and death across the city, they must now decide what’s more terrifying:

To die on their knees, or go down fighting?

Based on true events, Warsaw Fury is a story of love, courage, and resilience in the face of unimaginable evil.



Berlin, 1938
It’s no longer safe here.

When the Jewish families of Berlin start disappearing in nightly raids, 21-year-old Jacob Kagan knows it’s only a matter of time before the trucks come for him. Along with his family and best friend, he flees the country he’s always called home to find shelter in a Dutch refugee camp. Before long, the Netherlands falls to the Nazi war machine — Jacob’s new home is transformed into a transit camp with weekly trains bound for the horrors of the Eastern concentration camps.

Handpicked by the cruel new SS regime to police the camp’s Jewish population, Jacob has the opportunity to save his parents and best friend from the dreaded transport lists — but at what cost?

Based on true events, Beyond the Tracks is a redemptive story of unconditional loyalty and a will to survive impossible odds.

About Michael

Michael Reit writes historical fiction based on true events and people. Writing what he loves, he spent years researching lesser-known events, locations, and people to produce his debut novel Beyond the Tracks.

Inspired by the Polish resistance, his new novel, Warsaw Fury, focuses on the struggle of the Home Army & Jewish resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII. It releases October 8th, 2021.

He’s currently writing his third novel, which will transport readers back to WWII Amsterdam, where two brothers find themselves on very different sides as the Nazis step up their persecution of Dutch Jews.

Born in the Netherlands, he now lives in beautiful Vienna, Austria, with his partner Esther, daughter Bibi, and Hungarian Vizsla Maggie. You can connect through michaelreit.com or Facebook (Michael Reit Author).

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